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flights between los angeles, san francisco, and new york. and by the way, they will have fewer seats in business class, with this configuration. other airlines are following. they've got delta at the end of the month, jetblue announced they'll have something next year. and this is all about targeting those premium service customers, especially in those lucrative markets like san francisco, los angeles, new york, and washington, d.c. as you take a look at the airline stocks today, note that they are all up, maria. and we are at a six-area high. a six-year high for the airline index. it's had a heck of a run in the last year, maria. up 51%. in the end, maria, this is all about doing more to win over those corporate customers in those lucrative markets. maria, back to you. >> phil, thank you so much. and i hope you'll watch and join me for my exclusive interview with delta airline tomorrow, 3: p.m. eastern here on "closing bell." what will take the dow to new highs tomorrow? and will it be the day for s&p to break its own record? we'll weigh in on your money. stay with us. ♪ twith bla
. sears moving higher, traders telling shares were moved to the upside and take a look at san francisco old-school tech, hitting a 52% trade. ebay shares are lower after a bearish note was put out citing weak growth tunds and following the selloff with find in tech gentlemen and stores and the company blaming a delay in income tax refund. ale was not the biggest mover by any means and did end the week up. its first week of gains after three weeks of losses. >> thanks so much. as the marks keep driving higher and two higher highs we asked is this a real bull market, and does it continue higher? john brown of europe pacific capital says it's not and get out now because the market has moved too far too fast but rob lutz totally disagrees and says be ready for a big upside move from here. who is right? joining me now both of them to hash it out. thanks for joining us. john, let me start with you. you do not have faith in this market ral? what turns it own? whether we've had two items of news, the stress test which the major stress was missing, falling treasury bonds and employment figures w
since 2006, when the housing bubble burst. phoenix, las vegas, and san francisco are seeing the big gains thanks to very low supply. and new york, finally saw prices gain after seeing 28 months of negative annual returns. and i'm talking about the new york metro area, not manhattan, which is its own animal. and sue, i know we're going to talk about that now. >> indeed, we are. stay with us, diana, we're going to drill down into what is exactly going on in new york's very unique real estate market. >> and joining us, dolly lens, and our own welt editor, robert frank, who follows the wheeling and dealing of the rich, who is also here. dolly, we were joking earlier. we said new york real estate is back. it never left, did it? >> no, it never really left. absorption was off for a bit. pricing, though, never left. pricing held really high and continues to hold and doing even better. it's amazing. >> because demand is that strong or supply is that constrained right now? >> it's a mix, but it's primarily demand. because we have the unique position of having incredible demand from all over
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3

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